Indian Boundary Park (Auditorium)Chicago, IL, United States

Tuesday Beginning Contemporary Modern Dance (Fall 2024)

By Khecari (other events)

Tue, Sep 17 2024 4:30 PM CDT Tue, Nov 12 2024 5:30 PM CDT

This class, taught by Helen Lee, will introduce the fundamentals of contemporary modern dance in an inviting and non-judgemental space. All levels are welcome, but expect to take it nice and slow.

Classes are Tuesdays from 4:30pm - 5:30pm, September 17th - November 12th, 2024. Class will not be held Election Day - Nov 5th 2024. 

This class may be subbed by another teacher. We encourage pre-registration and early purchases of drop-in classes, so that if a class has to be cancelled for health or safety concerns, the teacher can let you know by email. If you are doing a last-minute drop-in class and want to be assured there is no unexpected last-minute cancellation, you can let the teacher know you plan to attend ([email protected]).

If we have to cancel a class, we will schedule a make up class at the end of the series.



* We welcome all people with disabilities to our events. If you require a specific access service to fully participate or have any questions about accessibility, contact Julia Antonick at [email protected]. Please be in touch as soon as you know you would like to join us so we can make sure we have the accommodations ready for you on the day you will attend.

** We welcome people of all ages to our events. While this class is geared toward adults, children are welcome to come with their caregiver.

*** TRIGGER WARNING: In addition to the fact that the name “Indian Boundary” denotes a line created to ethnically cleanse the area, there is also imagery within the fieldhouse that may be triggering to many, in particular to Native Americans and Jews. We want to notify people in advance as a trigger warning, and to affirm Khecari’s anti-racist stance. To read more about this click here and scroll down to PLACE to read more about this and for Khecari's always-in-progress land statement.



Image description:

On a glossy wooden floors two dancers in green pants and black tanktops are mid-turn hair flying around their faces, another dancer to the right is stepping into the space and the foot of a fourth dancers pokes into the left side of the photo. The room has high ceilings and a stage with closed red velvet curtains. 

pictured in photo Julia Rae Antonick, Edson Cabrera, Jessie Young
photo by Ryan Bourque